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Urmila Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder

Urmila Ramakrishnan is a perpetual wanderer and modern–day nomad. She's traveled to more than 28 countries in her 27 years, and she's hungry for more. As the co–founder of Carry On magazine, she wanted to create a travel experience that showcased what she loved most: food, travel, and writing. When she's not scouting a new location for a future issue or handling the business operations of the magazine, she writes, edits, and photographs for various food and business publications. Her work has been featured in  Edible Bronx magazine, The New York TimesTime Out New York, NPR, Eater, and Hispanic Executive. She has a master's degree in food culture and communications from Italy and constantly teeters between cook, writer, and traveler. She has apprenticed for Michelin-affiliated restaurants in Europe and has spent her life dedicated to food and travel. Her hobbies include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, playing the piano and learning new languages. Read some of her writing on her portfolio, or lust over her food porn on Instagram


Katie Askew, Co-Founder

Katie Askew's wanderlust has taken her from South Dakota to Minneapolis to New York to Denver to Monaco, where she worked as an au pair teaching English. She's also a freelance writer and editor. At Carry On, she handles the the editorial operation of the magazine. She's written and edited Reader's DigestReminisce, and This Old House magazines, curates indie folk alternative rock playlists for Google Play Music. If she's not off jet-setting or planning our next issue, she's probably dancing in a Zumba class or sipping coffee at a cafe. Katie is a fine art lover, impulsive world-adventurer, and an enthusiastic book and music nerd. Follow her life on Instagram @katieaskew.

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Keith Richardson, Social Media Content Manager

Keith Richardson is a social media guru who is in love with old school video games and horror movies. Originally from North Carolina, he brought a touch of Southern charm to New York for five years, before moving to San Diego. Keith is the founder of The Socii Project and he co-founded  SaveHorror.com and has experience managing social media for nonprofits and small businesses. While he loves all food, he considers mashed potatoes his all-time favorite. Along with eating, Keith is passionate about beer and wouldn't turn away the occasional hot tea. You can learn more about Keith though his personal Instagram or Facebook.


Katherine Golownia, Editor

Katie Golownia is torn between her love for tall buildings and tall trees. Her oasis is the northern woods of Wisconsin, her current home is the concrete jungle of Chicago. Even though she's a local, Katie looks at her city through tourists' eyes (How can you not look up constantly? That architecture!). Her art and architecture appreciation was shaped by a summer studying abroad in Rome. Thorough research also led her to appreciate well-made gelato and cappuccinos. When she's not writing and editing for Carry On, she's slinging shoes and talking all things running at Fleet Feet Sports. Katie also likes to play make believe at The Second City, where she's taking improv classes. She has a copy editing background with newspaper experience at The Minnesota Daily, Star Tribune, and Kenosha News. Follow her on Instagram if you want to see someone overuse puns—and overpost photos of Wrigley Field.