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Carry On Magazine feeds adventure. For the wanderlust seeker, the adventurous eater, and the modern-day nomad, we redefine food and travel. 

Our philosophy is simple: Let's make budget travel sexy again. As a multimedia budget gastronomic tourism magazine for the working millennial, we strive to create content that you can use to create the most memorable experience on your vacation. Use Carry On to explore a hole-in-the-wall. Get cozy in a little-known bed-and-breakfast. We're your resource in creating relationships to on-budget accommodations and under-the-radar travel. We believe that adventure should be attainable. Carry On isn't your fantasy; it's just the first step to create your own epicurean memories to satiate your travel cravings. Keep calm, Carry On.

Wanderlust |won-der-luhst|

NOUN a strong, innate desire to travel.